Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fun New Art Idea with ColorFoldz

This is a sponsored post.

Welcome friends! I just wanted to hop on really quickly and share a new art product that I just had the opportunity to test out.

It's called Colorfoldz and is part coloring book/part stencil. Perfect for children (and adults who want to unplug and relax).

They have several different themes to choose from (some with three folds and others with five).

I picked the Elephant and Mandala kits. They came with everything I needed...stencils, paper and markers.

You start by unfolding your stencils. (The paper is right there in the center!)

You can see that each stencil is numbered and you just go in order coloring your picture.

Here is my elephant after completing stencil #1...

...and stencil number four.

Here are three completed pieces. 

The options are limitless because you can keep changing the colors you use.

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