Friday, September 1, 2017

Furniture Friday


I really wish that I could share more here on a regular basis, but at this phase it has just been so difficult. I spend most of my days in the workshop and, by evening, even with the best intentions, I'm just too exhausted to blog.

But, I would like to share more round up posts of some of my favorite furniture that I have finished in the past week (or since this is a first in the series, the last few weeks).  

These were mostly custom orders, and I have to say, my customer's have some amazing ideas!

1. Stained Top/Black Base Coffee Table

This was a piece that we sourced for a customer. I love the brass hardware against the black base.

2. Blue Sofa Table

My favorite part of this piece was the color! It can blend seamlessly into any style from country to modern. (Before picture from customer.)

Image may contain: table and indoor

3. Cranberry Hutch

This is another piece we sourced for a customer. To give it a country feel I painted it this beautiful custom cranberry that I created and lightly distressed it.



4. Gray with White Wax Dressers and Nightstand

This has become one of my most popular refinishing techniques in a while! I started with a mid-tone gray paint and finished with white liming wax. (The dresser with the mirror and the nightstand I sourced. The low dresser belongs to the customer.)

5. Stained and Painted Lane Table

Seriously, have you every seen anything more amazing! LOVE this wood top so, so much. Mid century pieces are a rarity around here, so I'm always excited when I get to refinish one. (Before picture is actually mid process.)

6. Mustard Coffee Table

Country colors like red and mustard have been super popular lately. This coffee table was finished in a mustard milk paint and glazed to compliment an end table I had previously done for the customer. (Before picture is actually in process.)

 7. Blue Church Pew

I think its so fun to paint something traditional in a fun color! The customer actually gave me a list of their favorite choices, but let me make the final decision. Finished in exterior paint for porch use.

8.  How cute is this vanity for a young girl! Painted in cream and upholstered in a pretty butterfly fabric.

We are always available to find you the perfect piece for your home or to refinish something you already have. If you are local to northern Connecticut, feel free to contact us at or on Facebook.

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