Thursday, October 12, 2017

Incorporating Furniture with Meaning into your Home

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You all know that I love furniture, and as someone who refinishes and paints it professionally, there tends to be a revolving door of pieces coming through my home.

I will quite often bring a piece in and won't be able to part with it for a bit.  Because I have such a influx of furniture I never really become attached to pieces. In fact, when we moved to the farmhouse two years ago, I barely brought any furniture with me.

However, there is a desk and chair that gives me the I would never sell/You're stuck with me for life, vibe.

This secretary desk was bought by my parents decades ago and I never remember it not being in my home as a child. The chair that I have it paired with is actually one of the dining chairs from the set we also had when I was growing up.

These pieces are so priceless to me, one because they remind me of my childhood home.  And, two, since my dad is not longer with us it gives me a tangible connection to him.  I think it's so incredibly important to have at least one piece in your home that helps you reflect on your past.

Through the years I have put my stamp on both pieces. The desk got a thin coat of black paint. It was already a dark stain so it didn't change the appearance too much, but was more of a freshening up. See those scratches above that gorgeous hardware? Those were from my childhood cat, Turbo, who slid down the front one day.

The chair was the typical 1980s shiny cherry finish. My mom urged me to paint it several years ago. Its been a couple of colors but, I've finally settled on an antique white and faux ostrich fabric.

I'm so happy that I was able to share a little bit of my history with you all today. And a big thank you to Havenly, who urged me to tell my story. If you have not checked out their website, please head on over. Its a fantastic design resource that I frequently find inspiration from. They also offer decorating and design services.

Do you have a family piece in your home? Please share your story in the comments.

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