Monday, July 2, 2018

Minimal Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Ever since I began this decorating journey many years ago my number one question I always ask is, "Is it too cluttered?"

I know that it never really is and my home is generally neat and put together at most times, but I frequently have that feeling that I'm drowning in my stuff and I'm surrounded by a few items I love and many I like. Can anyone else relate?

Part of the problem is I love so many different styles. I live in a farmhouse, but I also equally love vintage, antique, modern, modern Victorian, and that cool California style that focuses on white/wood and plants. I also love going to antique and thrift stores and it's sometimes so hard to resist beautiful pieces.

But, recently, I realized a couple of things: 1. Spending money on things that I don't have a space for or that don't fit into my plan keeps me from saving money for projects that are really important to me, and 2. Clutter makes my already severe anxiety worse.

Last week on social media I had pondered the idea of keeping pieces that had no value to me anymore...either in purpose or beauty. I stopped feeling guilty for keeping items that no longer brought me joy and I will donate/sell/consign them. 

Last Friday, I started with my living room; removing four significant pieces and rearranging the space. I did buy a couple of plants and pots and there are a few things I'd like to tweak (a wall sconce at the desk and to extend the plate wall), but I haven't regretted this decluttering for a second.

This is the most sparse my living room has looked (in either home) and I'm truly embracing this change and can see it translating to all of our other spaces.

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