Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Budget Friendly Vintage Modern Mudroom

I've shared images of my mudroom on social media over the last few months and just wanted to document it here too, before these last couple of days of summer disappear.

I actually purchased a new, more subdued rug this past weekend and have a few styling ideas for autumn that I'm almost ready to work on, Fall is usually my favorite time of year, but I'm feeling a bit down this year and a bit sad that school is beginning again tomorrow.

Anyway, I did a mini makeover on this space in the spring to simplify it all. I gave the floors a fresh coat of white paint (and I think despite weekly scrubbing and a large rug that it will be a yearly chore). I also repainted the walls black added back the closet door (with trim), removed the shelf and replaced it with the chair and new accessories, and lastly, replaced the ceiling light. You can see the previous incarnation here.

I know that I'm satisfied with a space when I can walk away and not feel obsessive about it. And, that's exactly how I feel about the mudroom. Not one thing has changed since the spring update and I'm looking forward to decorating for the new season. That's a total win for me!

This is a bit of an awkward angle but I wanted to share the schoolhouse light we added. I'm not sure if its still available, because I got it on mega clearance at Home Depot in April.  I also added my Furniture Refinished sign that I had locally made (it had previously been in my living room).

The chalkboard was originally a mirror that I painted and tweaked from the thrift store. Other thrift store/antique/tag sale finds include the candle sconces, antlers, chair (I painted and reupholstered it) and table.

The rag rug, which added a great pop of color to a very neutral space was from Five Below. It's lasted beautifully and looks ways more expensive that $5!

A couple of other things I want to point out. This is actually a three season room, but serves as our main entry into our home. With that said, it gets very hot and I can't tell you how often these candles melted right in half. So crazy! Also, this is my second year with the very same geranium! Kind of shocked that I kept it alive for a full year, and now the pressure it on to do it again!

I love a good before and after, so I will wrap it up with a shot of this very same space when we moved in...

...And this summer...

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