Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dining Room Updates...Again...

If it seems like I am always updating and changing things around in my dining room you're right.  Because, no matter what color the walls were or what accessories I used, I still was not happy. Why, you ask? Because I felt so stuck, design wise, with our massive 1990s hutch since it was never supposed to be in our redesigned dining room.

 If you recall, over the last year I had painted the hutch white and removed the glass doors, then painted it black and then heavily distressed it (here, here and here). And this was all after we attempted to sell it in its original form.
Well, last week, we got our new couch and the hutch looked even more out of place. Plus, I wanted to rearrange a bunch of furniture and, of course, the hutch was preventing me from being able to do that. So, I got rid of it. I listed it for free on craigslist, found a great and appreciative girl who loved it and it was gone by that same afternoon. Awesome for us both!
With the huge hutch out of my way, my Mom and I got to work! We moved the secretary into the living room and replaced it with my marble topped dresser (which is a perfect dining room piece for serving).
I arranged most of my vintage and antique plates, for display, in this area, too.

Love the worn wood of this basket and all the shades of white!
 We then moved the sideboard I had bought last summer along with my favorite thrift store painting to the wall that once housed the aforementioned huge hutch.  I cannot believe how big and open the space is now!
I just repurposed a few decorations I already had on hand since I wanted to keep it really simple.

In front of our planked wall (here) I placed that awesome antique, glass front, cabinet I recently purchased. I removed a shelf and organized most of my decorating magazines and home décor books in it, along with more of my collections.

 I then added some of my silver coffee pots and moved over my book page wreath (here).

 And here is my fun surprise for the room!  It was all looking a bit too plain and traditional for my taste so to amp up the vintage charm I redid these two chairs from the dining room set we had when I was a child.  I used the same peacock paint from the dresser I redid last week (here) and some previous fabric I had used as curtains to cover the seats.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow. I'll be sharing some before and after shots of those gorgeous chairs!
I hope you all have a great start to your week!


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