Sunday, February 16, 2014

Painted Drop Leaf Table & Chairs

I'm super excited to share this makeover with you all today!
1. Because Country Chic Paint (a chalk and mineral based paint company) recently sent me over a box of goodies to work with and I love trying out new paint.
2.  I actually really, really love these pieces and both are staying in our home.


So, some little fun facts about the furniture...the chairs are Ethan Allen and have been sitting in our garage for months after my husband found them for free at a tag sale. How I love free! And the table was super inexpensive at the thrift store. This was one of the very, very few pieces I've found so far this year while out thrifting. Another fun fact; my husband was with me the day I bought the table and he hated it. Seriously, hated it. And didn't want me to buy it. Now he loves it and was instrumental in us keeping it. That, my friends, is totally the power of paint.
Anyway, I thought I would go with a classic black (Liquorice) for these pieces since they were so traditional. Here we have the set being modeled by the fantastic Figaro...

I did absolutely nothing prep wise to the table and chairs other than cleaning and then began to paint. The seats of the chairs and the top of the table got a distressed look, so I just painted them one simple coat.  The legs of both, and the top portion of the chairs got several coats/touchups as I wanted the color to be completely solid.

To finish, I used the Natural Wax. One thing that I really appreciated with this product was the lack of odor, making it a perfect choice for winter painting (i.e., right here in my house versus the garage).  The wax finish is not as glossy as others I've used, but the protection seems fantastic. (Note:  Since I received the wax a product called Tough Coat has been released. This might be a better option to protect tables and chairs.)

I staged this trio as a set, but we will be using them a bit differently in our home.  The table will be used with the leaves down in our upstairs hall (reveal at the end of this month) and the chairs are now in our dining room (which got a bit of an unexpected makeover) I will share that one very soon.

*I was compensated for this post, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. they look great Angela - my dining room table is very shiny high gloss (thanks to a previous owner) we purchased them with the intent of painting them...if using this brand of paint, would I have to sand first? I am a chalk paint virgin and would really love to try it on this set!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      It's Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint, and I thought I'd just quickly respond to your question about painting a surface with a very high gloss finish...

      The first thing I'd suggest you do is take a q-tip with a bit of nail polish remover (NOT the acetone free kind), or denatured alcohol, to see if you're dealing with an oil or water-based paint. There's a chance your previous coat is oil-based, because those tend to be really glossy. If the q-tip with acetone or denatured alcohol doesn't take any of the paint off, then you know it's oil-based. If a little of the color comes off then it's water-based.

      If your surface is oil-based then you want to carefully sand it to dull the shine. You'll also want to give the paint a good 4-5 days to cure in between coats. If your surface is a water-based paint, then I would still recommend a light sanding. Have a look here for more info on surface preparation: And feel free to email me at!

      I hope that helps! Have fun with your project! ~ Rosanne

  2. Very nice! I love the shape of those chairs--a little different from the usual windsor chairs (which my dining room is full of, and I'm kind of sick of them) :)

  3. I love these pieces Angela. I'm always a big fan of black furniture. I am absolutely LOVING the legs on that table!

  4. I so love the power of paint...they look fabulous Angela! Can't wait to see all your changes.

  5. Hi Angela. I have that same Ethan Allen table (in the garage) and wanted to know if yours was a slick finished top - almost like Formica?? I've never tried to paint it because of this finish so, was just wondering. I am your newest follower.


  6. Looks so great with the Ikea print. Adore them!

  7. I love how this looks painted black! I wish I had the nerve to paint my table!!

  8. Great transformation. Love the black. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. Angela what a transformation. Looks like a million bucks!!!


  10. This looks fabulous. It's amazing what some paint can do to an old dated table. I really like how you distressed it all at the end too.

  11. Those are beautiful! I can't get over those chairs - the shape even looks different after being painted! Amazing!

  12. This is so pretty I love it! I also love the artwork on the wall too, oh and the cat precious! I jumped on the Country Chic paint wagon! YAY!

  13. Angela what a gorgeous set lady!! Thanx for sharing it at THT. I think black was a great choice for it!

  14. Lovely transformation, black must make that nook a conversation starter!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! love love love the color you chose and the distressing gives it such character. Amazing work!


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