Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10+ Ideas for Quirky Home Decor

Hey friends!
I'm continuing on with what has become a little decorating series. For the past few Wednesdays I've been sharing a ton of ideas and inspiration for making your home unique.
You can read about Mixing Antique with Modern in Home Decorating (here) and Storage Solutions for Older Homes (here).
And, today I wanted to discuss adding in those fun, quirky elements that make homes unique and filled with personality.

I'm sort of all over the place when it comes to shopping for my home. I'm a huge Target fan and also love shopping at places like HomeGoods, West Elm and CB2. But, I equally love thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops.
And I think this mix is super important when creating a quirky, interesting home.  Adding in some older elements really gives a home more life and personality and prevents it from being just one note. You know how sometimes you will see a room and it is very obvious that person shopped at one store and one store only. Yeah. That's what I try to avoid.
I love looking at homes and seeing something that makes you do a double take.







So, what are some ways to add personality to a home? Here are ten ideas...
1. Paint (either an accent wall or the entire room)
2. Rug (bold, colorful, tattered)
3. Art (so unexpected and definitely a conversation starter...see mine here)
4. Accessories (something super fun and unique)
5. Wallpaper (just like paint, paper an accent wall or the entire room for major impact)
6. Painted Furniture (bold colors or how about chalkboard paint like one of the examples above)
7. Mismatched Chairs (unified with paint, fabric or not...see mine here)
8. Pieces Used in Unexpected Ways (have fun and options are unlimited)
9. Fabric (pick something totally out of character to your home and use it as an accent)
10. Lighting (search for vintage and find something with loads of personality)

Let's discuss. What quirky things do you have in your home and where do you like to shop?


  1. Love the eclectic look of all the inspiration images. I think thrift stores, salvage places and yard sales are the best places to find some unique and fun decor items.

  2. So fun! I always like to put at least one quirky thing in a space. It's fun to throw people off sometimes! xo Kristin

  3. My brother and his wife actually have a huge bowed floor lamp over their dining table like the one table and I love it

  4. Great inspiration photos! I love quirky design elements! They are unexpected and add so much character! I feel like for awhile I played it safe and tried to make our home "look" a certain way. I would find something fun and quirky, but would pass it by because it didn't "fit in" with say the farmhouse feel I was going for. I've moved away from that a bit. I've started buying things just because I like it or it's out of the box and I've never seen anything like it before. Shopping is way more fun now that weird and random things catch my attention. My favorite haunts are thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets and estate sales.

  5. I truly appreciate a home that incorporates a little "quirk". I love the inspiration photos you've put together today! I've been furnishing our home with antique shop and estate sale finds for over 3 decades and I can't imagine any other way. I do like new upholstered furniture because it's so costly to reupholster vintage sofas and I'd never tackle it myself. My quirky item that gets the most attention in our home is my old German mannequin head. Some think she's creepy, but she's been with us so long, she's part of the family. :)

  6. How beautiful your home is, I remember when I first clicked on your blog I thought "Finally someone finally understands" and I've been following ever since!

  7. I pinned that same bathroom gallery wall awhile back :). I'm all about quirky!

  8. Yep! These are spot on! Someone once asked would you prefer to live in a perfect looking house or an imperfect looking house...and I am so drawn to the second as collected to me speaks to what life is all about! SO much inspiration here friend...lovely week to you! Nicole xoxo

  9. LOVED all these images...great inspiration!!


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