Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finding Your Decorating Style & When Not to Compromise

You know what? I totally struggle with defining my style.  And, it's made for some interesting conflicts when decorating. And, sometimes I've had to tweak a space three, four or more times to get the look I'm after.

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At any given moment I am in love with:

Vintage Modern
Rustic Glam
Antique with Modern
Modern Country
Industrial French

And I completely struggle with it. Also, I am highly jealous of those of you who have a very defined style.

But, I feel like there has been some sort of shift in 2014. Like everything is beginning to click and my home is a better reflection of me. It incorporates all of the styles I mentioned above, but in a sense is far more unified than ever before.

I was thinking about all of this the other night and I think it comes down to a few things...

First, I've let go of the idea that I may be judged by others (my own family included). You know my mirror gallery wall? I have been wanting one since we bought our house 16 years ago. When I first mentioned it, way back then, I didn't get the most fantastic response. So I didn't do it. I've come to realize that not everyone can visualize a project until it is totally done. My husband is completely one of those people.  Sometimes, I just need to do it rather than talk about it.

 Secondly, I've learned from my mistakes and I've accepted them. Even when it has cost me extra time and work. A couple of weeks ago I shared my antique pantry cabinets. I had initially painted them gray, but wasn't thrilled with the results. I could have left them like that, but I went ahead a repainted in a cream. This means I painted the same furniture twice in one week, which was seriously annoying. But, I don't want to compromise and I want to smile every time I look at a project I've done.

 Next, I've learned to spend money when I need to.  This doesn't mean to constantly shop and buy everything. Instead, it means to be more aware. For example, I wanted a living room chair that blended better with our style and the colors in the space. But, I was only looking at thrift stores. I know the old me would have settled for something because it was a good price and well made (even if I didn't love it). Instead, in this situation, I bought new and got exactly what I wanted. I'm learning to do this more and more.

And, lastly, (for today) I've stopped working with things that no longer work for me and my home. When we first got married my husband and I bought a lot of new furniture. And it was wonderful at the time. But, to me, it no longer was. I've found most of the pieces to be huge and overwhelming to our space. The 1990s had some big furniture!  Over the last year, or so, I've sold almost every single thing. I've used the money to buy pieces that I really love (at this moment) and with money left over. Our home is more open, bright and we all love it so much more.
So, please share your thoughts with me today! Have you felt this way before?


  1. I change my style quite often, too. I don't think my husband's too happy about that, but he knows my decorating obsession and tolerates it, lol.

  2. Awe Angela I loved this post! I struggle to define my style too, just when I think I have it pegged something changes and it's all up in the air again. My hubs has been a hard sell on getting rid of some of his pre-marriage furniture. There were a lot of big brown pieces, a lot of them. He's coming around to storing some away though and anything new he totally leaves me to my own devices. So it's not all bad.

  3. My husband is pretty good about it he just doesn't understand or like change. We painted the whole house more than five years ago and thinks it's ok to go another five so what is fine to him isn't for me, so I just do what I like I never consult him on decorating problems. He's pretty good about me moving things around.
    I struggle too with the style thing, love it all but this year I've found that I love the electic look so I'm sure now that is my style...for now:)

  4. Oh if you follow me, then you know that I change my accessories almost daily and they do change the style of my home, so yes, I am constantly changing. Love your changes, they look great. Hugs, Marty

  5. You live and learn. :) I love love love your mirror wall and have thought of doing the same thing in a bedroom we have. Painting one piece of furniture twice would be irritating but it was worth it to make you happy. Your house looks amazing!

  6. I have been struggling with this too! First I would like to say that your home is stunning and that your points are all right on! My home seems to always feel a bit unfinished as my budget won't allow for what I would really like or I am waiting for the right piece like my grandmothers old woodpecker painting that my mom is trying to find for me! It is a slow evolution and I am not there yet...but I guess that is a bit of what keeps us going! All the best sweet lady! Love that wall of mirrors! Nicole xoxo

  7. Good lessons! I find that I'm constantly trying to make all of my favorite styles work too! I'm kind of like you, I feel like parts of my house are finally coming together! :)

  8. Angela - you should never worry about your home being judged - it's amazing!! Your sense of style is great. I think we all have revolving styles...that are shaped by what we see out there, but in the end, your home has to make YOU happy and no one else. I struggle trying to find my style too and make do with furniture that I am no longer in love with for the sake of the budget - kudos to you for having the guts to sell yours and find something new that you love!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  9. So true! I stopped being afraid of other people's judgement too and it's so freeing and haloes me a lot.

  10. i loved this and agree! and i think it's ok to embrace the changes within you and express them in your home!

  11. I feel this way everyday!! There are so many looks I love, so many cool pieces I come across and I want to make it ALL work in my home! I have noticed a shift in my own style this year and I know it will continue to change. My husband is the same way. He never understands my plans, but he always loves the outcome and has learned to trust my decor decisions and ideas because of it. It is hard having a blog and opening up your home to criticism and judgement, but that's also the beauty of it - displaying design choices and styles that are all your own. It's inspiring when someone is confident in how they put their home together and when they embrace their own style quirks. I love your home, I love your blog, I love your style!! It's been fun watching the subtle changes happening here! :)


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