Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shabby Vintage Secretary Desk

Following up on yesterday's post about furniture whose prep work makes me want to cry, meet this lovely vintage secretary desk.


In all honesty, I knew that the desk that I shared yesterday was going to need some serious help since the veneer damage was totally evident. But, this desk... it's issues totally snuck up on me.  I went in thinking I could give it a light sanding and then repaint. That would have been so quick and simple. Except that the paint didn't entirely sand off as much as it peeled off in sheets.
It was completely reminiscent of elementary school when we would put glue on our hands and then peel it off. Tell me I'm not the only one who would did that!  Anyway, the paint was literally just peeling off. Nightmare. And another example of how prep work is so important.
So, after I removed as much of the paint as I could and then re-sanded, I was able to start painting. I did a custom mix of approximately 50/50 of Everlasting and Treasure by Americana Chalky Finish Paint. It created the prettiest shade of aqua!
After, I painted the desk it was looking a little bit flat to me. And, I was actually really loving the distressed look it had during prep, so I opted to heavily distress the piece.
This desk definitely makes a statement and has the most lovely lines. Local friends...this one is available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.


  1. I'm baaaaack... and I love what you did with that desk. You certainly made up for all the previous painter's short comings.

  2. Such a pretty color you mixed here and it is perfect for the charming desk.

  3. sorry for all the unexpected prep work (sanding is the worst!) but it turned out lovely!

  4. Love the lines of this piece. It looks so much better now :)

  5. Turned out great. Love the use of the dividers inside to replicate cubbies :)


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