Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cleaning as a Family with Libman!

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have already heard that I have been chosen as an official Libman Family Blogger.
I worked for Libman once in the past and completely fell in love with their cleaning products. In fact, the Libman Freedom Mop that they gifted my family has become a go to cleaning tool for us. This time around, I was sent a wonderful package full of different cleaning supplies and I couldn't wait to try them out with my boys. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets super excited over stuff like this!)
Anyway, My boys are now 11 and 13, and, over the last many months, I have been trying to foster cleanliness an keeping up with chores with them. As I'm sure you all know, boys are messy. Plus, they are homeschooled, so they literally have the entire day to dirty and destroy my home. Plus, we are getting ready to list it for sale and have had realtors in and out over the last couple of weeks to give us their opinions.
My house needs to be clean. And I cannot take it all on myself, so I have trained my boys to help. As luck would have it, a lot of what we were sent was geared toward their chores that they already have.

Since, I am in this situation, with my house ready to sell, I thought I would share how we are keeping it up as a family.
First, is that I handed out chores that fit the ability of each child. I didn't want them to feel overwhelmed, but at the same time I didn't want it to be too easy.
Second, I broke up the chores. For example, the boys are responsible for cleaning the bathroom, but they share these duties. The oldest gets the toilet and floor, the younger the sink, vanity and mirrors.
Next, I try to be consistent. They have certain chores, like dusting or mopping the floor that must be done weekly before anything else can happen. This is usually on Friday.
They are also responsible for their own bedrooms, bed making and putting away laundry.
They are now at the age where they are (thank goodness...finally) seeing that if they keep up with these chores they will have less work in the end.
Now, Libman also sent me these cool cards. You can list chores and you can give rewards.  My youngest was just commenting on Sunday at lunch how he does not get paid for chores. And, this is totally true. Everyone has their own opinion on this and I just don't believe in paying my children to clean the house that they live in. We are all in this house and all need to learn the responsibility. However, we were telling him that along with that, we do believe in rewarding for doing extra when you are not asked. That's why I love the rewards cards that were given to us. I can completely see us using those in the very near future.
Would you like to learn more about cleaning as a family? Just head over to the Libman Family Forums. And, while you are there, you can print off a coupon for their amazing's the link...Coupon.
Happy Cleaning!

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  1. I use that same mop in my house and it works great-good job with the boys!


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