Monday, May 18, 2015

Glam Terracotta Pot

Hi Everyone!

This post was originally seen on Jennifer Rizzo's blog, but I just had to share it with you all here, too.

This project is so fast and easy that I completely expect to find myself creating more and more of these as summer approaches.
Here's all you need: Gold spray paint, terracotta pot, very fine sandpaper, a plant of your choosing.
Simply spray paint the pot inside and out. All mine needed was one coat plus touch ups.
When completely dry use the sandpaper to distress to your desired amount of wear.
Lastly, add in your favorite plant. I just couldn't resist these gorgeous spring bulbs as my local garden store.
Wasn't this the simplest project ever? I love how it completely dresses up those ordinary, inexpensive terracotta pots you find everywhere. This is totally my less expensive/less messy/less time consuming take on gold leafing pots, by the way!
And, it brings just a bit of color and warmth to my otherwise neutral entryway.

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  1. Very pretty with its bit of glam. I just did a tutorial for French flower pots I made



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