Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Create a Rustic Autumn Display

Hey everyone! The unpacking and cleaning is going well here at the new house. My patience is a little lacking because, as typical, I want things done like yesterday.

Actually, I'm kind of having like a I'm dying to paint because then the rooms will really start to come together coupled with a damn I really don't want to paint because it's such a chore and I need to do all the trim. I'm sure you've all felt that way.

My goal for earlier this week was to at least clear a path in the dining room so every four steps we didn't need to move a box to create a path. I mostly succeeded. There are still a couple of random boxes in a corner, but it no longer is the command station of moving that is was a week ago.

Since I got the room looking halfway civilized, I decided to decorate the table for fall.

In all this chaos, a little decorating has made me feel calm!

And, I thought I would share my step by step for how I create a look like this...

I started with my rustic wood tray I made a while back. It's really so easy and versatile and you can get the tutorial here.

Next, I added in these antlers we bought a couple of weeks back. A steal for $15 and it's a perfect anchor for this large tray. I put it in the corner, where it fit the lines of the tray perfectly.

Since I love using browns, creams and neutrals for autumn, I added two vintage books in the color scheme.

Next, I added in a white, wood pumpkin with a rusty leaf.

See how I'm mixing textures, here? That's super important!

On the other side of the tray, I added in another large anchor piece, a neutral dried gourd.

Just to the front of it, and a bit off centered, I added a mercury glass votive holder. (I always need a little bit of sparkle, even when things are rustic and country feeling).

In the fall, I gravitate towards whatever has dried up in the gardens for floral arrangements. These were right near our front porch and I love how graphic and intricate they look. I added them to that silver votive holder.

Lastly, I added in another (this time little) wood pumpkin.

It's simple, but interesting. It all flows with the neutral colors, theme and textures.

Since the tray is a bit long, I was able to fit two groupings of three in the same display. It's so true to everything you've heard about putting things in three. Something about creating that little triangle just appeals to the eyes.

That's really it for autumn around here. Barely anything, but what I can manage right now.

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