Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chalkboard Dipped Cutting Board

(This project was originally published as my contributor post on Jennifer Rizzo Design Company.)

Hi everyone! I have a super easy project for you all that can be used in the kitchen as well as in vignettes around your home.

Have you all seen those gorgeous cutting boards that are popping up lately? You know, the ones that are wood mixed with either slate or marble. I am so in love with them and used them as inspiration for this Chalkboard Dipped Cutting Board.

Here's your supply list:  Cutting board (the more beautiful the wood the better), sandpaper, brush, painter's tape, chalkboard paint and chalk.

Start by applying a strip of painter's tape to the cutting board. I did it so anything below the taped portion would be painted.  I made sure the tape was firmly adhered and then lightly sanded the area that was going to be painted (necessary if your cutting board already has a finish on it).  Apply three coats of chalkboard paint, letting it dry between each coat. Lastly, season the painted area with chalk and enjoy!

This would be so wonderful if you are serving appetizers...say a cheese platter...and you could write the name of the featured cheese on the chalkboard portion.

But, I couldn't resist photographing it for spring. I felt so inspired by this gorgeous spring plant and one of my favorite crafts of all time (these easy speckled to the tutorial at the bottom of this post). 

 Thank you all for checking out my latest project! I know it is going to get a lot of use in my home!

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