Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I've noticed that I go through spurts of wanting to share things here just to document it for myself and to practice photography and tweak my projects and designs. And then, I go through spurts of wanting to share things just to build my following and my reach. In this new year I want to stay very close to that first reason for sharing. It's the most authentic. The most true to myself.  It may not necessarily grow my brand, but you never very well might be what sets me apart. I do know that one thing I absolutely despise are people on Instagram who quickly follow and unfollow you in the hopes will follow (and not unfollow) them back. 

It's too cold here in New England (and we're currently bracing for a monster of a storm) to do any furniture refinishing even with heaters on in the workshop. I'm actually a little bit thankful for that because this is a tough business to be a part's physically demanding, sometimes stressful and always competitive.

I've been using this break from work to focus on my own home. I crave simplicity and a neutral palette at this time of year. I actually love this season and going for drives and seeing all the fields brown and dead with just the white of the snow on the ground is my favorite.

This past week I have purged and organized; paring down my collections to just what I truly love and have been adding them to my home in new and fresh ways. As much as the after Christmas sales are tempting, I've stayed away. I've stayed focused on the challenge of using what I have and saving any extra money for upcoming renovations.

My focus for 2018 is simplicity, to be intentional and to be authentic.  Have you made any goals for yourself?

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