Friday, December 15, 2017

Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

I really, really thought I would have finished my Christmas shopping and have had all my gifts wrapped by now, but I've been laying low (as much as I can) these last couple of weeks because I haven't been feeling so fantastic.

It's given me a good chance to work on small projects around here and focus on blog work.

Anyway, I don't shop for many, so I plan to finish up in these next couple of days and then get to wrapping.

Today, I wanted to share some simple Christmas wrapping ideas I put together this week for the few things I did already purchase.

I went with a simple, neutral and relaxed feel for these wrappings.

I've never really excelled at gift wrapping (although I've always wanted to)! But, I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the quality of these packages.

Two things that I think helped are - 1. Using a heavier weight paper, and 2. using two sided tape.

I started with a classic brown paper wrapping and a neutral gray and white fois bois.  I also gathered some complimentary ribbon and twine from my stash.

I started by simply wrapping each gift.

The gift wrapped in craft paper got a simple jute and gold metallic ribbon. I love when something rustic is paired with something sparkly!

I simply wrapped the ribbon around the box and tied it in the front...

...and finished it off with two sprigs of fresh rosemary. I love incorporating that herb into d├ęcor, food and decorating during the holiday season.

I paired one of the fois bois packages with simple, thick white twine.

I wrapped the twine around the package multiple times and tied it in the back. I love the texture and interest it gives to the package.

I added a chalk board tag (from the scrapbook section of the craft store). I like using a white colored pencil when adding a name as it has more staying power than chalk.

My last gift was also wrapped in the gray and white paper.  I used a combo of soft wool yard and thin white twine with a metallic thread woven in. I again wrapped the yarn/twine around the gift and secured it in the back. I then fanned it out to give the shape of a tree.

I used an additional piece of twine to attach a homemade ornament (link below) to the top.

For additional ideas visit Personal Creations for tutorials on how to make Christmas bows here. I personally am in love with a gift bow!  And also follow my Pinterest board Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas here.

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