Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Dining Table...Deconstructed

Hey all! I hope you're all well! I've had a couple of those, "Oh My Gosh this cannot be happening!" (and not in a good way) moments this week.
First, our old house is having some plumbing issues which resulted in a little bit of a flood coming though the ceiling and into our entryway. So not pretty.
Then, that evening I realized that my posts weren't updating on Bloglovin'. I totally thought it was a glitch on their part, but it ended up being a problem with my RSS feed. Gah. I think we have it all fixed now, so if you're here reading this, you may want to go back and see what I've been up to for the past week and a half!
And you know, bad luck always comes in threes, so I am completely sitting here waiting for the third thing!
Enough with the gloom...lets talk happy Christmas things, OK?  When I was putting together my Blogger Stylin' Home Tour I had so many pictures that I ended up putting some of them in collage form. I think that my favorite spot in our home from that tour was the dining room table, so I thought I would share it more in detail with you all. Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a snack and lets get started!
So, here is my dining table, if you were looking into the dining room from our living room. I love how the room looks so warm and glowing from the candles and Christmas lights!

I always start styling the dining table by figuring out the centerpiece.  My Mom brought over the vintage mirror for me to use as a base. I added a favorite brass vase with a glittery West Elm feather (you always need sparkle)! I also added two brass candlesticks with white IKEA candles diagonally to make it more interesting.
Next, I added in the gorgeous, metallic glass bowl I found at HomeGoods, recently. I placed some of my most precious vintage ornaments inside so that they would really be shown off.

Next, I added a couple of vintage books. You totally cannot go wrong with books and I use them all over my house! I topped the books with this sparkly ceramic tree (if you open it up it's a candle). I bought it forever ago when my boys were babies and I sold Avon.

On to the place settings! I started with my gold chargers and wedding china (see I've always been obsessed with gold).


To top each place setting I grabbed some mismatched mercury glass votive holders from West Elm that I had purchased last year and filled them with boxwood clippings from my yard.  I also added in one forsythia twig. Lastly, I used a tiny artist brush to paint glue onto some of the boxwood leaves and sprinkled them with large silver glitter. Love!


So there you have it! My Christmas dining table. I so wish you could all be here and hang out. No seriously! We could all chat about decorating, drink some wine, have some snacks and craft. Wouldn't that be awesome!

 P.S. Since you're here, stop on over to see my post from yesterday. I'm sharing my December Inspiring Blogger. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Very pretty - I love all the sparkle! Let's hope that bad news only comes in twos this time, plumbing issues are no fun :(

  2. so pretty! and woohoo this showed up in my reader!

  3. I got it through bloglovin, all updated! I am sorry about your plumbing problems - ahhhhhhhh - I love living in our 1965 dream home - except when it starts to show it's age in all the worst ways - I always threaten to move to a brand-new house - which in my mind would be 100% issue free (do those houses exist?). Anyway love the dining room tour. I am going crazy over your birch logs and ornaments, it looks amazing!

  4. Ah!!! Love it lady! And I told you how much I am smitten with all of your gold! All those little touches just sparkle! Oh and I am sending you think thoughts that the 3rd thing never happens! You take care and I hope all of the plumbing stuff gets solved right away!! Cheers to you! Nicole

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