Monday, December 16, 2013

Festive Paint Chip Garland

Hey friends! I'm just on really, really quick to share a little, festive project I did a couple of days ago. We promised our boys a fun day today and do not want to disappoint!
This little garland just screams holiday party to me!
Here's what you need:  paint chips in your choice of colors, embroidery floss in a complimentary shade, paper punches, hole punch, scissors and adhesive (I used double-sided mounting squares).
Simply punch out your shapes and adhere the larger shapes to the embroidery floss with your adhesive (I sandwiched the floss in between two paint chip cut outs). Intertwine with the smaller shapes, which I threaded onto the twine after punching small holes in them. 
(Shhhh.... You completely do not see that cream colored hutch in the's been a nightmare, but I will share soon!)
I ended up making three different strands to give me more options when draping across this mirror in my dining room.

 Who wants to come over for a party!?!

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  1. Fun and pretty! Would look great in a little kids room too ;)

  2. there is something crazy going on with my computer and i haven't been getting your updated posts... love that garland. i have to know about the side chair - that fabric is amazing - new or vintage - i need to know!

  3. adorable! i don't think i am getting your feed in bloglovin, by the way. :(


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