Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Project Notebook} Painted Kitchen Countertops

Hey all. Can we have a little chit chat about countertops? And the fact that mine need serious help.
When our kitchen was all nasty and oak filled the countertops were the best thing it had going for it.
But, now that I have painted the beadboard white, the walls pale gray, the lower cabinets a dark, moody gray/brown, the uppers white (removed the doors), added hardware, painted the backsplash and basement door chalkboard, got stainless steel appliances and a stainless steel island and DIY'd a drum light, the countertops are glaring.
And, lest you think I've been holding out on you all with kitchen reveals and all sorts of befores and afters, I haven't. Lots of this was done pre-blogging. Yes, that it totally how long I've been working on this project. But, you can see some updates herehere, and here.
Which leaves me with the countertops. And while they are not avocado or orange or some other hideous color, they are worn and in need of help.
The problem is finances. As in lack there of. And skill. I completely cannot DIY myself a counter (as much as I love the look of a wood countertop). You know, the whole part about having to remove the sink freaks me out. Plumbing is where I draw the line.
Anyway, I have been researching painting my countertops. Seriously. Now with this comes the whole it will not necessarily be food safe problem...which is a biggie for some. BUT, all food prep takes place on our stainless steel island. Also, I would make the countertops super black or charcoal dark.

I'm thinking this project could maybe hold us out a year or two until (hopefully) we can afford new counters. Sort of like when I slipcovered out old couch to get some extra life out of it.
Opinions, comments, suggestions, ideas....Please share I need to hear them!




  1. I can't believe I just read this...I was talking to my neighbor at the bus stop this morning. They had a flood and water damage so they need all new floors in the kitchen and great room. I am trying to talk her into letting me use her own cabinets to reno her kitchen layout. The sticking point is the counter top for the island. The sink would be in it. Dang! She doesn't want to spend money. Plumbers are expensive - $200 for them to walk in your door. Anyway - funny to be thinking the exact same thing. Have a good day - oh, and I think painting is fine. Also, contact paper can be used?

  2. I have a tutorial on my blog on how we covered our countertops:
    It's been holding up really well! I think you could switch the spray paint step with paint and be good to go!

    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  3. Hi Angela, last year Debbie from Debbiedoos redid a bathroom sink counter with a new product called Giani Granite paint. you need to check out her posts and then the site for the product. They look fabulous! just go to her blog and in the "search this blog" type in painted countertops. I think it's an option you might like.

  4. Angela I WANT to know how this turns out for you... I think you know we have the same problem over here. I did see a "concrete" tutorial over at little green note book and then again at a beautiful mess - I was considering that, but am bit freaked out if it doesn't work... I've also considered painting mine but the food safe prep is a big issue here and I would need them to hold up for more than a few years. I even tried to convince my dad to DIY us some, he can do ANYTHING, but he wasn't biting... Oh I want to know what you decide!!!!

  5. Can't wait to see how you will do this. Dark will look awesome!

  6. I love the idea of painting your countertops!! If you seal it with several coats of polycrylic and allow it to fully cure, you should be good to go as far as some food prep goes if you plan to use your island primarily anyway. Rustoleum also makes a countertop paint kit. The sealer for that should be food safe too. I'm excited to see what you go with!!!!!!!

  7. Oh! I'm so excited about this post. I really hate my counter-tops but don't have the dollars to replace it and all the plumbing stuff gives me nightmares. I can't hardly wait to see what you do.

  8. With all the great paint product out there, I am sure that there is something perfect for you, until you are ready to actually replace them...Looking forward to your decision and the outcome!

  9. I say go for it...with your skills I know you can really make an amazing transformation! I can not wait to see them pal!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. Angela-We are in the same boat. I checked out Brandi's link and may go this route. Your dark on dark inspiration photos are just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your transformation!



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