Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vintage Painting Turned Rustic Wood Tray & Contributor Post

Hey everyone! This project was originally posted over at Jennifer Rizzo's blog where I write as a monthly contributor.

I have to say, I truly love this project! I was easy to make and is completely versatile. For the original post I had it styled on my coffee table, but it's since moved to the dining room. We have a whole farmhouse vibe going on in there and it just meshes perfectly (P.S. I have one more project I want to do and then I will share how our dining room has been completely changed, for like practically no money at all!)
The transformation of this vintage painting into a rustic wood tray is just remarkable and was so easy to create.

 Supplies: Vintage thrift store frame, paint in two complementary colors, stain, paint brushes, clean rags (for stain application), fine sandpaper, wax or poly, hobby board cut to size from the home improvement store, staple gun, felt pads.

Start out by removing the picture from the frame if applicable. 
Paint your first color, let dry and then paint your second color.

When the paint is completely dry, distress and set aside.

Next, at the home improvement store, have the pieces of wood cut to size so they fit perfectly in the frame. I chose a couple of different types of wood for interest.

Stain the wood, and fit it into the frame.

Each strip of wood could be glued together, but instead, I just used my staple gun to attach them to one another for stability. I also used the staple gun to attach them to the frame.

To protect the tray, finish with either wax or poly.

Lastly, add on some felt pads to protect whichever surface you use the tray on.
I am loving the rustic feel of the tray paired with my more modern rug and pillows in my living room.

You can see my latest contributor post here. It's another fantastic addition to our home that I found at the thrift store!

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