Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Canvas Prints from Your Favorite Photo

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share this gorgeous picture I was recently gifted from MyPix2.com.

The backstory to this picture is that I actually took it a few Halloweens ago at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York.  I loved this old door both as architectural element, but also for its deep, moody turquoise color.

I've had the picture sitting in my phone since, just waiting to be printed and framed. It was so worth the wait! It looks just like a painting and I couldn't be happier with the texture, clarity and color of it.

The bonus is that I was able to upload, choose my size/type and frame all from my phone. So easy!

I'm loving it here in my living room with a simple sconce above it to highlight its beauty. However, my youngest has claimed it for his room, which actually makes me incredibly happy since he appreciates the beauty in it too.

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